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The Hunting Debate

We live in a country village with many horsey  connections, stables and Writtle College, so we cannot escape the Great Debate about the rights and wrongs of fox and other hunting with dogs etc.  Not much has been said in the local press about this subject so I will set the ball rolling with my view on hunting, especially fox hunting with dogs.

Firstly I am not a great animal lover, I do not have a cat or a dog and I believe we lavish far too much money on pets and animal charities, more money is donated to animal charities than to children charities.

The English are a  nation of  animal lovers, mistreat your dog, cat or any animal and you are liable to  be hauled up before the local magistrate and severely punished.  It will probably be headline news in the local press.

So take 10  horses and riders,  20 or so dogs (bred and specially trained) and set off to track down your fox.  When a fox is found set the dogs on it and chase it to exhaustion where upon the dogs tear it to pieces.

I do wonder how that is any different from mistreating your pet. 
But it is a humane way of pest control or so we are led to believe!

Will it be such a great loss to our countryside if we ban it?  Past governments have closed industries and  put 1,000's of people out of work destroying local  communities so why the great concern for a few hunters?
Hunting is one of the traditions of the countryside so it must be preserved.
Slavery, serfdom,  bear baiting, and cock fighting were traditional for many centuries but we still abolished them. is tradition that sacrosanct?

How can a nation of civilized, animal lovers condone hunting?
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