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Writtle All Saints Church Bell Appeal

The Problem
The eight bells in All Saints Church, Writtle have been ringing out for almost two centuries. They were installed in 1811 when the tower was rebuilt following the collapse of the original tower in 1800. Due to their age, and wear and tear on the 200-year-old wooden bellframe the bells are becoming increasingly difficult to ring and to teach people to ring, particularly young people, who are  needed to ensure the continuity of this unique English art. The existing arrangement of the sound louvres prevents the bells being heard clearly and enjoyed from the Green.
The Solution
To replace the old frame with a new metal one. To install some new louvres on the tower roof and a sound control system. 
The Benefits
The rigidity of a metal frame will make controlling the bells much easier. Furthermore, the new frame will enable us to install 12 new bells with a tenor (the largest) weighing about 30cwt (1,500kg). 
This combination will accommodate a wide range of ringing skills, it will make learning to ring much easier and it will produce  a far richer sound than the present bells.

A view of the existing bells

Fitting new louvres and a sound control system will ensure that the
bells are heard clearly across the village and it will enable the bells to
be quietened for extra practice sessions and when peals are rung.
All these benefits combine to ensure that the sound of church bells
will ring out across the village for at least another two centuries.
The Cost
The total cost of the project will be in the region of 130,000. The cost of each bell, including installation, will vary depending on size. The treble (smallest) will cost around 4,500, while the tenor (largest) will cost about 25,000

Casting a new bell

A new set of bells and frame

The Funding
Sponsors are being sort and a variety of fund-raising events are to be held. Bells are an excellent way of providing a long lasting memorial to a loved one, or commemorating a particular event by 
individuals, groups or companies. Sponsors of bells will be able to  choose an inscription to be cast on the bell. We will be applying for grants from several organisations

How can you help?

You may wish to sponsor a bell or perhaps you know someone who would? A former resident of Writtle, for example, or a commercial enterprise? Help will be needed with several DIY tasks involved with the installation  of the bells, ranging from bell-frame assembly work to painting, or making cups of tea! Help could also be given in transporting the bells between the foundry and the tower.
If you think you can help please  contact one of the following

Phil Stephens (Tower Captain) 01245 421022
Andrew Brewster (Deputy Tower Captain) 01245 420648
Rev. Michael Jones (Vicar) 01245 42182
or visit

Patrons: The Rt. Rev. John Perry - Bishop of Chelmsford & The Lord Petre DL.

If you would like to make a gift to the appeal:
Link to Printable Gift Declaration Form

Thank you




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