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A bit about your local Bobby ! (PC 1389)  

My name is Kevin Adams and I am the nominated community officer for the beat of Writtle, Roxwell, Highwood, Waterhouse Farm and Widford.  I am 38 years old (just!) and like to consider myself a part time local boy! ........I was born and bred on Westlands, ending my educational years at that academy of excellence otherwise known as Hylands Comprehensive. It's a long time ago, but I do recall having a great time and I can honestly say that I never skived a single day. I couldn't, because my Mum was a dinner lady! She served the puddings and I can still remember they made the most fantastic jam roly-poly and custard. Funnily enough I always seemed to time my attendance just right to get the biggest slice, probably why I'm a bit of a fat bloke now.

Ever since I was a kid my first love has been Football (sorry Elaine) both supporting Spurs and playing. Nowadays every moving joint is telling me to pack up but I still turn out most weekends for one of the Writtle sides and actually manage to bang the odd goal in as well. Those of you that have ventured down to Paradise Road on a Saturday afternoon over the years will remember me as the quick bloke up front who used to score loads of goals but now refer to him as the fat bloke who should have hung his boots up years ago. My reply to this is, TRUE !!!!

My wife Elaine is a Writtle girl born & bred. We got married nearly 6 years ago setting up home on Newlands Spring and have two boys, Samuel who is 3 and Jacob who is 1. We also have 2 English Setters Lottie & Millie. Before falling foul to matrimonial bliss I lived in The Coverts for 6 years in what I can best describe as a single lads pad !!!!!  My parents still live on Westlands, I have a sister on Beechenlea and 2 brothers living in Writtle. So I think its fair to say your local bobby has a fair bit of knowledge of his area.  

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