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Community Policing 'WRITTLE' style
Part 3

A typical working day in the life of PC1389 Adams  

07.45 An extremely sweaty and unfit PC Adams arrives at Moulsham Police Station in Gloucester Avenue having cycled at breakneck speed from home.
07.50 Quick shower and change into that stylish Police uniform.
07.55 A quick brew.
08.00 Sits down at desk and stares with disbelief at creaking in tray.
08.01 Turns mobile phone on.
08.02 Internal phone rings....... 'it's the guvnor at Chelmsford wanting to know if I'm in yet! '
08.03 After convincing him that I was in on time I am allowed to carry on.
08.05 First call on mobile....... ' it's my wife, just checking to make sure that I haven't  forgotten that we are out this evening and not to be late'
08.06 Starting to feel stressed but what the hell, only another 7 hours 54 minutes to go.
08.10 Prioritise my in tray and check diary for* to be in Highwood at 8.30 to take a statement......
08.11 Get in Police car and head off to Highwood.
08.29 Arrive in Highwood, take statement.
08.55 Mobile goes......... ' it's a very irate resident in Long Brandocks complaining about the parking problems outside the school.....'
08.56. Police radio message reporting that a very irate resident in Long Brandocks is complaining about the parking problems outside the school........
09.15 Finish taking statement, head off back towards Writtle.
09.16 Mobile goes.......... ' its Sergeant Dawson at Moulsham wanting to know what I have planned for the day as there are some problems in Boreham that need dealing with'
09.30 Arrive back at Moulsham. Explain that I was hoping to spend some time on my beat.
09.31 Mobile goes......... 'its Writtle Parrish Council wanting to know if I will be at the meeting next week because there are some issues that needs addressing '
09.32 Off I go to Boreham with 4 other Moulsham officers to deal with a problem there.
11.00 Boreham dealt with. Return to Moulsham.
11.01 Quick cup of tea.
11.02 Internal phone rings.......... 'it's the Criminal Justice Unit telling me that I have to attend court tomorrow at 10am' ......bit of a problem because I am not due at work until 2pm and I have a full diary..........Tough, court comes first!
11.03 Spend the next 10 minutes phoning around trying to rearrange tomorrow's appointments.
11.13 Mobile goes........ ' it's the same irate resident of Writtle complaining that there is a car parked on the double yellow lines outside the Post Office'
11.14 Police Radio Message reporting a very irate resident complaining about the parking problems outside the Post Office.
11.15 Get in Police car and head off towards Writtle.
11.17 Mobile goes, have to pull over...... ' it's a very irate resident in Highwood complaining about the parking problems every morning and afternoon outside the school, and the speeding vehicles through the village and an abandoned car in Bucknalls Mead and an untaxed car in Sparrows Close and by the way why don't we see you very often !!!!!! '
11.20 Continue to Writtle. The only vehicle outside The Post Office is displaying a disabled permit.
11.21 Flagged down by a very irate gent complaining about Carol Singers knocking on his door singing 'we wish you a merry Christmas' he goes on to say they are the same kids that were dressed up as witches and wizards doing trick or treat on 31st October...and nothing was done about them either !!!!!!
11.25 Mobile goes......... 'it's a very irate resident in Roxwell complaining about the parking problems every morning and afternoon outside the school and the speeding vehicles through the village and a car with a flat tyre in St Michaels Drive making the road look untidy and by the way it was refreshing to see you drive through the village last week !!!!!
11.30 Back in car........Have an appointment at 11.45 with a local farmer concerning poachers.
12.15 Back in car...starting to get peckish...Time to head back to Moulsham for Lunch.
12.18 Police Radio Message reporting a vehicle having driven off from a petrol station without paying for his fuel. No other cars available, can I attend.
1.15 Eventually arrive back at Moulsham. Quick bite to eat and a cup of tea.
1.17 Mobile goes........ ' It's the Criminal Justice Unit telling me that the Court case tomorrow has now been cancelled'
1.30 Spend the next 15 minutes trying to reinstate the previously cancelled appointments for tomorrow'
1.45 Internal phone rings.......... ' It's a worried parent from Writtle. She thought her 12 year old son was going to his friends house every evening to play computer games but she has found out he is hanging around the shops in Long Brandocks with some undesirables...I'm asked if there is anything I can do....!!!!!!!
1.50 Mobile goes......... ' It's a very irate resident from Long Brandocks complaining about the youths hanging about the shops every evening'
1.55 Get in Police Car and head off to Writtle.
2.05 Police radio message reporting a suspicious vehicle by the Toilet block at Hylands Park....
2.10 Arrive at Hylands Park.........vehicle checked out. All in order.
2.15 Continue towards Writtle.
2.17 Mobile goes....... ' it's a very irate resident from Beeches Road Chelmsford demanding that I attend his location immediately to see for myself the parking problems outside Westlands School......'
2.18 Landlord of local pub flags me down. Nothing specific, just a chat !!!!
2.25 Drive past The Post Office, still no offending vehicles.
2.28 Mobile goes....... ' it's a colleague from Moulsham wanting to know if I can swap my next rest day to help him out with a problem he has in Stock......'
2.32 Police Radio Message informing me that a very irate resident from Widford has turned up at Moulsham Police Station and is demanding to see me.
2.45 Arrive back at Moulsham........
2.46 Met with a barrage of abuse from the Widford resident because he is having ongoing problems with a group of youths playing in the street. Police are doing nothing about it..........I am left in no doubt whatsoever that it is my fault and I should be readily available night or day to speak with the youths because I am the local officer.........resident declines to make a formal complaint.
2.58 Widford resident departs
3.02 Check of in tray, it's creaking!
3.05 Pause for thought!
3.06 Mobile goes....... ' it's my wife checking to make sure I haven't forgotten about later and will I be finishing on time !.......'
3.07 Just enough time to pop to a local school at the request of one of the teachers to advise some younger students on how they should conduct themselves walking to and from school.
3.35 Travel back to Moulsham.
3.50 Check messages, in tray and E mail's to ensure that it's safe to go home !!!
3.59 Get changed.
4.00 Head off home.

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