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Parliamentary Election Results - West Chelmsford
7th June 2001

Simon Burns Conservative 20,446
Adrian Longden Labour 14,185
Stephen Robinson Liberal Democrat 11,197
Eleanor Burgess Green Party 837
Kenneth Weedon UKIP 785
Christopher Philbin LCA 693

Turnout  61.8%


Essex County Council Election Results



Essex County Council Election Results


Broomfield & Writtle

Wendy Cole Conservative 2,900 ELECTED

Angela Robinson Liberal Democrat 2,031

Simon Barke Labour 1,458

Carolyn Hobbs-Waller Green Party 243

Chelmsford East

Ian Gale Liberal Democrat 3,295 ELECTED

David Lee Conservative 2,691

Robert Miller Labour 1,734

John Mudd Green Party 233

Chelmsford North

Thomas Smith-Hughes Liberal Democrat 2,796 ELECTED

Joan Bliss Labour 2,185

Kathleen Pauley Conservative 2,076

Angela Thomson Green Party 187

Chelmsford South

George Allen Liberal Democrat 2,935 ELECTED

Neil Gulliver Conservative 2,480

Robert Jones Labour 1,801

Joyce Shiner Green Party 239

Chelmsford West

Neil Spurgeon Labour 2,242 ELECTED

Stephen Robinson Liberal Democrat 1,910

Alastair Tween Conservative 1,544

Sheila Patrick Green Party 194

Great Baddow

Maureen Miller Liberal Democrat 2,735 ELECTED

David Sismey Conservative 2,086

Norman Hunt Labour 1,350

James Cross Green Party 228


Peter Martin Conservative 5,682 ELECTED

Michael Mackrory Liberal Democrat 3,526

William Horslen Labour 2,913

Eleanor Burgess Green Party 584


Lord Hanningfield Conservative 4,712 ELECTED

David Howell Labour 2,395

Margaret Hutchon Liberal Democrat 1,380

Robert Kenney Green Party 405

Woodham Ferrers & Danbury

Norman Hume Conservative 6,013 ELECTED

Ian Roberts Liberal Democrat 2,923

Madeline Diamond Labour 2,386

Colin Budgey Green Party 628




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