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Toutejours in Brittle

A few hours in the life of a small village store.

0530  Early morning shift  arrives, fresh and ready for the rigours of meeting the early morning punters.

0545 Paper delivery arrives.  Papers need to be sorted and bundled and put out into shop floor.  Ensure each paper is placed in different place from yesterday.  Wakes up the customers! 

0555 Staff parade

0600 Bell rings, doors opened to staff chanting  “Welcome to Toutejours how can we help you?”

0610 Freezer and fridge temperatures checked. Fire for bread oven built with logs and yesterdays newspapers .

0630 First newspaper delivery persons arrive, pushbike lights removed. Quiet invisible delivery is Toutejours company policy.

0645 - 0730 Steady stream of customers

0730 First phone call received enquiring where their paper is or why have they received the Times in place of the Daily Sport.

0745 - 0845 Kids on their way to school.  Need to keep an eye out for shoplifters

0900 Early morning shift go home exhausted after 3 hours or so of trying to look happy. Morning shift arrive, seamless change over results in only 30 minute queue.

0930 Back to normal, time for staff training.
Customer care phrases  at Toutejours deciphered:
“Welcome to Toutejours how can we help you”  What do you want?
“Won’t be a minute”   Hang on I am far to busy to serve you.
“Have you the right money?”  Haven’t got a clue how the till works

1030  All going far too well. Steady flow of satisfied customers!  Staff sent on shelf restocking duties.

1045 Back to normal, 10 minute queue at checkout and queue getting longer every minute. Shelf restocking continues regardless. 

1100 Elderly person comes in to check 20 lottery tickets, queue up to 20minutes.
Air conditioning kicks in temperature in shop (tempers!) rising above 85 F.

1115 Enterprising  busker sets up outside shop, playing to  queues

1200 …… the saga continues,  until :

2200 shop closed  “But I got here at 5 pm”  “Sorry, you shouldn’t have left it to the last minute!”



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