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After the Circus

Its amazing how much ground was covered at the Parish Meeting.  It wasn't until the Circus arrived a week ago or so that I remembered another controversy that had been raised: 

 Do we want the Circus parked every year on our lovely Green, with their trucks and caravans tearing and churning up the Green?

We were given the answer at the meeting, but it did not prevent the chatter throughout the pubs etc in the village.  Especially during this very wet year,  the trucks and caravans were bound to churn up the Green and leave a quagmire.  Last year the Circus promptly paid for the repair of any damage to the Green resulting from their visit and have promised to do so during any future visits. So why the many moans and groans about the use of the Green? 

I recalled my schoolboy history classes and the tales of Merrye Olde Englande with its Villages and Greens, with markets, circuses, archery competitions, pillories and ducking stools.  The Village Green together with the Church were the centres of the village, veritable hives of activity, commerce and recreation.  We have one circus and one village fete on the Green and there are people who moan about those two events.  Should we not try use the Green more as a community? 

Unfortunately  ducking stools and pillories may be frowned upon but they could be good fund raisers, proper cricket is probably out due to damage to cars and windows but we could have soft ball, cricket, baseball,  or rounders and volley ball competitions fuelled by the  healthy rivalry between local business and organisations.  Imagine a rounders match on a Sunday afternoon between Writtle WI and the local hairdressers!   If you let your imagination roam, there could be a few fun events for all the family to enjoy and participate.
 How about some suggestions  for events and teams.

Enough Pontificating
 How is the Green?

As you can see from the photographs above the men from Writtle Landscapes were on the job Thursday and Friday (10th and 11th May) of this week repairing any damage done by the Circus.  By Friday afternoon  all the holes and ruts had been filled with high quality top soil, seeded with new grass and rolled.  
A proprietor of Writtle Landscapes,  Les Mason, said:

" In a couple weeks it will be as good as New! "



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