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A few years ago when I arrived in this village alone from the distant west of this fair land, the scourge of my then simple life comprising of work, pub, sleep and so on, was the walk from home to the pub.  Why was this simple task so painful?  The simple answer is Dog Poo (mind you it could possibly be cat/fox poo).  Where I originally came from there was a similar problem but not to the same degree.  We had Dog Poo, but the dogs/owners normally managed to lay it on the edge of the pavement so that in the dead of night you did stand a chance of missing it.
But here in Essex we had to do it bigger and better.  Our dogs/owners wanted to lay their stuff where we could hardly miss it.  Right in the middle of the path.  So in the way home from the pub in the dark, squelch, your in it and if you didn't notice then, you would next morning when its all over the carpet.  It got so bad that several people I know went out armed with search lights to light their way home.

An advertising campaign by the council and the threat of video camera ( Wheatsheet online ) the problem reduced to an acceptable level.  You now regularly see dog owners with their Tesco-bags pooper scooping.  Well done.  I almost believe its now become socially unacceptable to allow your animal to litter the pavements.
But in the past few weeks its back.  Right in the middle of the path,  not just a poodle size mess (how big is a poodle's mess?) but half the path was obstructed.  

Has the time come to resurrect the campaign, are there a new generation of dog owners that don't carry a pooper scooper?

Do we need to start a Cop a Pooper campaign.  Take a snap of our local poopers and we will publish them here on our pages. Contact us with your  views on this by telephone, Fax or e-mail.

This outbreak of dog poo got me thinking and as I was walking to pub one weekend, lo before my eyes in the middle of the street was half a ton of horse poo.  (I believe it only becomes manure if you mix it with straw).
You can guess my train of thought!  
Do we need a Pooper Scooper campaign for horses.  Is it more socially acceptable for horse to litter our streets but not dogs? Do horses need some sort of online pooper collector? I mean horse don't need to  stop to do their thing, the can do it on the fly.

Imagine this, there we are at Balaclava (the charge of the light brigade) several hundred horses charging the Russian Guns.  The must have been as terrified as the Lancers.  They must have been 'Shit Scared' so the scene is set, these horses thundering down into the valley at about 30 mph, letting loose their load on the fly. Where does it go, straight into the face of the Lancer behind.  How many of brave 600 that thundered into the Valley of Death that day were killed by flying horse shit.  
I doubt it if was recorded in the history books, but I digress the question is should horses be allowed to do their stuff willy nilly on our streets or should they be fitted with an automatic pooper collector?

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